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one of the true bits of wisdom i learned at work.

as a mechanical engineering student, i decided that enrolling in the co-op program at college would be the best way to get practical education while prolonging my time in college (which i actually like a whole lot). i work for General Electric in their Atlanta Service Center, where big industrial equipment comes in to be repaired. i work for the turbine department. big, huge turbines from power plants come in for repair.

last february, they put me to work on some valves for Florida Power & Light, helping Bob Sours, a damn good machinist and lecherous old man (he's actually only 52, but he's horny as a motherfucker).

we had completed the repairs on a stop valve. it was out on the loading dock, wrapped in plastic, ready to be shipped. the babysitter FP & L had sent up to make sure nothing got too fucked up asked Bob: "aren't you going to paint it?"

Bob was a little pissed off as it was already wrapped in plastic, ready to be shipped. the customer is always right, unfortunately, so he brought it back over with a forklift and we cut all the plastic off it and got ready to paint it with a special high temperature aluminum spray paint.

here comes the point

we started painting the valve housing and disc. Bob tapped some of the bright, shiny metal parts he had machined and said:

"try not to get any paint on these machined parts

long pause as we paint

...but if you can't help it, fuck it!"

i've been able to apply this advice to nearly every aspect of my life - try not to (do something), but if you can't help it, fuck it!

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