I'm sitting here on a muggy Sunday night, weak from a weekend of playing raquetball, going to the pool, andgoing to parties. It's a good feeling, but I'm pretty hot, so I've got my shirt off, and what the hell? I've got biceps! And muscles! I've been working out regularly for the past six months, taking some creatin every once in a while, and would you look at this... all of the sudden I can do 10 pull-ups with no assistance, do squats on 235 lbs., bench 175 lbs. Holy Mary in a Jesus Chair!

I've always been a skinny, scrawny guy. I always shunned athletics in high school. It seemed like everybody involved in that stuff was either an asshole, an imbecile, or both. I was content to play my video games, read a book, or act in a play. Sure, I used to be in good shape back in early high school. By the time I quit karate during my Sophomore year, I had a brown belt and 5 years of experience, but I was never really built. I was flexible as all hell, and I could keep up with the best of them in a long workout, but I was really too young then to really build any muscle, and we didn't do weight training anyway.

But now here I am thin again after two years of all-you-can-eat deep-fried dorm food and one year of subsisting mainly on spaghetti and flash-frozen hamburgers. I can go to the pool and take my shirt off without being embarrassed. I can got to a raquetball court and kick ass. I'm good at a sport! Whoa.. I'd better slow down here. I think i'm going to eat some chips and play some video games for a while...

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