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A huge behemoth of a cosmetic company.

Of all the nodeshells on the big list this one jumped out at me. The reason is because I consume so many of their products that I felt it was my duty to node them.

Started in 1907 by Eugene Schueller, a French chemist who had invented a new kind of hair dye, the company started by selling to French hairdressers.

By 1912 he was exporting his products abroad. Now L'Oreal markets over 500 brands and 2000 products around the world. It has 41 factories, employs over 42,000 people and in 1999 totalled sales of 70.5 Billion French Francs. 85 L'Oreal products are sold each second around the world. The company owns many well-known cosmetic brands including Giorgio Armani, Lancôme, Ralph Lauren, Vichy and Maybelline.

Adding to the corporate wealth of L'Oreal, I purchased and used their "Rouges Romantics" line of red, red, RED hair dye today. L'Oreal tends to be very generous with the amount of developer, toner, and conditioner that they dole out, and are also good about supplying quality gloves for dying that aren't permeable for the dye.

L'Oreal's latest lines of hair dye are Feria and Les Rouges Romantics. They have had Heather Locklear pitching the Preference line for at least a couple years now, and Milla Jovovich and Jennifer Lopez pitch Feria.

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