The Law of Fives states that everything relates to the number five in some way. The law of fives is never wrong.
Was explored by Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, and William S Burroughs amongst others, and hinted at by almost everyone including Douglas Adams and Terry Gilliam.
Common forms that The Law of Fives are encountered in are 23, 17, 32, and of course 5.
RAW talks about this a lot in The Illuminatus! Trilogy and the Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy.
The most important part of the law of fives is usually left unstated. The complete rule reads: all things relate in some way to the number five given enough ingenuity on the part of the observer.

The law of fives is designed to cause the observer to edit his/her perception of reality to fit the law. Eventually, one may realize what is occuring and achieve a minor illumination.

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