Lee Majors is a television actor, director, producer and movie star. Lee is best known for starring in the TV series The Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy, as well as for being married (briefly) to Farrah Fawcett Majors.

February, 1941
Lee's biological father, Carl Yeary is killed in a work accident.
April 23, 1941
Lee Majors is born, and named Harvey Lee Yeary in in Wyandotte, Michigan.
Lee's mother, Alice Yeary is killed in a car accident. Lee is adopted by his aunt and uncle, Mildred Yeary and Harvey Yeary and moved to Middlesboro, Kentucky.
Lee finds out that he was adopted and is deeply affected. To prove his worth to his adoptive parents, he became a star athlete in track. basketball, and football.
Lee graduates from Middlesboro High School and wins an athletic scholarship to Indiana University.
Lee transfers to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. Lee says he was booted out of IU after getting into a fight at a fraternity house. Around this same time Lee severely injures his back while playing football, and his football career ends.
While at EKU, Lee meets and marries his first wife Kathy Robinson.
Lee finishes up his college education at EKU with degrees in both History and in Physical Education and is a qualified teacher. Kathy bears a son, Lee Majors II. Lee decides to go in a new direction, and wins a role in a play called 7 Husbands with his wife Kathy at the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky.
Lee moves the family to Los Angeles, California where he received a job offer from the Los Angeles Park and Recreation Department to become the Recreation Director for North Hollywood Park. While working at the park, Lee meets many people in the acting and entertainment community, including Dick Clayton who had been the agent for the late James Dean. Clayton enrolls Lee at MGM's drama school, and Lee also starts studying with Estelle Harmon, a highly respected drama coach.
Lee gets his first role in the movie Strait-Jacket starring Joan Crawford. He gets killed in the first 5 minutes. Next comes parts in the Alfred Hitchcock Hour (Monkey's Paw) and Gunsmoke. His marriage to Kathy ends, and she moves back to Kentucky with their son.
Lee wins the role of Heath Barkley, the illegitimate son of Tom Barkley in The Big Valley, a new western series starring Barbara Stanwyck. Lee is nervous about working with an actress of the stature of Barbara Stanwyck; however, Barbara takes him under her wing and becomes his mentor. The series runs through 1969.
Lee gets his first big movie role as Blue in Will Penny starring Charlton Heston. Will Penny did not do very well at the box office, but was critically acclaimed and is one of Heston's favorite films. Lee also makes a cameo in Clambake. Lee meets a beautiful blond from Texas named Farrah Fawcett. Lee and Farrah soon become an item, and Lee begins to help her in getting her acting career started. Farrah soon becomes a very popular model and commercial spokeswomen and wins parts in various television series.
The Big Valley ends. Lee gets the role of Roy Tate, a mysterious ranch hand with a dark past in The Men from Shiloh, a revised version of The Virginian, which only lasted a year. Also plays the title role in the TV movie The Ballad of Andy Crocker.
Lee appears in the movie Liberation of L.B. Jones as Steve Mundine, and in Weekend of Terror as Larry.
Lee takes the role of Jess Brandon in Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law. Lee plays a young lawyer working for Owen Marshall. This show was compared with Marcus Welby, MD, with Lee playing the James Brolin role as the young partner learning the trade from the older and wiser partner. The two shows even shared a story line with the actors appearing in each other shows.
Lee receives a script for a Movie of the Week called The Six Million Dollar Man. The idea for The Six Million Dollar Man came from the book Cyborg written by Martin Caidin. The story revolves around an astronaut by the name of Steve Austin who crashed while testing an experimental aircraft. Steve is given super powered bionic replacements for his damaged parts, and in return, Steve becomes an agent for the government going on dangerous missions where mere mortals fear to tread.
March 7, 1973
The 2 hour movie The Six Million Dollar Man premiers as the Movie of the Week on ABC and is a huge ratings success
July 28, 1973
Lee and Farrah Fawcett get married on the 5th anniversary of their first date.
The Six Million Dollar Man becomes a weekly series. Lee is quoted as saying "I started out as 4th or 5th banana in The Big Valley, 3rd banana in The Men from Shiloh and 2nd banana in Owen Marshall. Now I'm the top banana in my own series, and I couldn't be happier." The series quickly becomes a big hit, especially with children who love the special effects. Kids everywhere run around in slow motion and try to make the bionic sound. Six Million Dollar Man lunch boxes, action figures and other games and toys become big business.
Jamie Sommers played by Lindsay Wagner becomes a love interest for The Six Million Dollar Man. Jamie soon has a tragic accident, gets fitted with bionic parts of her own, dies when her body rejects the parts, comes back to life via an experimental low temperature procedure (which gives her amnesia and ends the romance with Steve Austin) and gets her own show, The Bionic Woman
Farrah Fawcett Majors gets a part in Charlie's Angels, and also poses for that famous poster, which changed the hairstyles of an entire generation of mall chicks. Plays Francis Gary Powers in the TV movie Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident, and appears in the TV movie A Special Olivia Newton-John.
Lee is executive producer for the TV movie Just a Little Inconvenience in which he plays Frank Logan. Nominated for a Golden Globe award for the series The Six Million Dollar Man.
Both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman come to an end. Lee appears in The Norseman as Thorvald and in Killer Fish as Lasky.
July, 1979
Farrah announces that she and Steve have separated.
Lee is executive producer for the movie Steel, in which he played Mike Catton. Also appears in Agency as Philip Morgan and plays the title role in High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane.
Lee appears in the movie The Last Chase as Franklyn Hart. Lee begins the TV series The Fall Guy, where he plays a Hollywood stunt man and bounty hunter Colt Seavers. The show is an immediate success and once again Lee's career is on a roll. The series ends in 1986.
Lee and Farrah divorce.
Plays Captain Cody Briggs in Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land, and plays himself in The Best of Everything.
Lee meets Karen Velez. Appears in The Cowboy and the Ballerina.
Karen Velez is Playmate of the Year.
The Fall Guy ends. Plays Mountain Dan in A Smoky Mountain Christmas.
The First of three bionic reunion movies : The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman.
Lee and Karen have a daughter, Nikki Loren Majors, and get married. Plays Mike Gable in Keaton's Cop, and plays himself in The Night the Reindeer Died within the movie Scrooged. Also produced the TV movie Danger Down Under in which he played Read Harris.
The Second of three bionic reunion movies : Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman.
Lee appears in five episodes of Tour of Duty a Vietnam War drama as Private First Class Thomas 'Pop' Scarlett.
Lee stars as Herman Jablonski in Raven, an action show filmed in Hawaii with Lee acting as the comedy relief. Plays Captain Sterling in Fire! Trapped on the 37th Floor.
Lee appears in the movie The Protector. Lee and Karen decided to sell their Malibu home and move to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to raise their children away from the Hollywood glitz and glamor. Lee and Karen became the parents of twin boys, Dane Luke Majors and Trey Kulley Majors
Plays Rex Kingman in The Cover Girl Murders.
Lee and Karen divorce. The Last of three bionic reunion movies, Bionic Ever After? where Steve and Jamie finally marry.
Lee begins to date Faith Noell
Lee appears in the movie The Living Reed. Also plays Owen Travers in Daytona Beach.
Lee appears in Trojan War as Officer Austin, Musketeers Forever as Ben O'Connor and Lost Treasure of Dos Santos as Roy Stark.
Lee appears in the movies New Jersey Turnpikes and Chapter Zero.
Lee appears in the movie Primary Suspect as Lt. Blake.
Lee and Faith get engaged during the Superbowl. Lee plays the president of the USA in Hotel! and Scott Reed in the series Too Much Sun. Apperaed as Bane in the short Here for which he won a Moxie! Award for Best Actor.
Lee appears in Out Cold as John Majors and Big Fat Liar as Vince. And does the series Forbidden Secrets.
Lee appears in Waitin to Live as Bucko Cassidy and Strike the Tent.


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