MIT tends to breed a certain twisted sense of humor in its students, which can be seen fairly clearly in the songs that are written about the Institute. Some of these songs go back decades, and the oldest may even date back to the era when MIT was still Boston Tech, prior to 1916.

There are a few mostly-serious songs still around, including Arise, oh Sons of MIT (the closest thing MIT has to an official alma mater). Far more of them, however, are humorous, making fun of the Institute or its students. These include:

To the tune of the Log Song:
What's fun to write? What's fun to say?
We learned it in 18.01 today!
It's really cool, we learned it in school,
it's ln, ln, ln!

It's ln, it's ln, it's integral 1/x dx
it's ln, it's ln, it's MIT's version of sex (dx)
-- Anonymous (and a good thing, too!)

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