Terse Quest 2024:
an Epilogue

Relevant votes are in and tabulated, GPs have been distributed by the gracious and respected Tem42, participation Easter eggs are on the way from me (because I can), and so it must be time for the rest of the recognitions! (Am sure there are still upvotes and C!s on the way, too.)

<insert drum roll here>

  • By unanimous (panamous?) decision, panamaus wins the award for Prolific, Praiseworthy Pithiness and shall receive a 25-pointed Star, one point per wu, in recognition thereof.
  • C-Dawg and etouffee are taking turns at winning the award for Touching Terseness and shall each receive a 2.3-pointed Star, as neither can currently be counted as having come in second or third.
  • For having said the least about the most, Intentions wins the Limited Loquaciousness award and shall receive a 16-pointed Star, one point for each word in Fire Hazard, the shortest wu submitted. Intentions also gets an Honourable Mention(tm) for Welcome to the jungle.
  • In the spirit of E2 Epigram Excellence, the following noders get a shout out each for submitting single wus within the quest: etouffee, losthuskie, vongrim, and Zephronias.
  • drownzsurf and losthuskie both had nodes that wanted to: 3M Cogent and February 20, 2024. It is with great regret that they are not included in the quest as both fell outside of posted quest parameters. JD would have liked a different time frame as well. (Now I know and will expand more on this below).
  • The People's Choice goes to panamaus and bunnraab, both of whom have multiple submissions with reputations of fifteen or more at the moment.
  • Last, but not least, lead me home and Ranked choice voting both are hereby recognized for being the top two submissions soft linked to the Quest.

"You will find that confidence in yourself is invaluable. Feel free to grab the microphone and express your opinion to the people around you. Your words and thoughts are highly charged."
-- The stars

Some horoscope today, huh? Anyways, another E2 Quest under my belt, only this time as a quest runner also. Judging from the feedback I've received, I fulfilled the responsibilities thereof. Another one of the E2 Rites Of Passage under my belt.

Back on Feb. 23rd, I mentioned some arbitrary goals I set to help me judge the success of this quest. The one I've already spoken of was that I wanted at least 25 entries, as that was just over half of last year's Brevity Quest submissions. You all blew that out of the water as there were 69 this year! The next goal was for the total number of wus this February to be more than February 2023. According to the site trajectory, that goal was also reached, with 122 this year over 88 last year. So far, win-win! The third goal was to level up, and I did, and am over half way to my next. Plus, this is my 100th wu. I made it to the C-Noders Club! Yay, us, all of us!

And I do mean that last part, cheers to all of us! And many, many, many thanks! Thank you to Tem42 for being the staff sponsor and for keeping an eye on me, even if I wasn't sure of that until today, only suspected. Another thank you to em and wertperch for running the last several years' worth of E2 Brevity Quests, from which I borrowed and abbreviated for Terse Quest. Thank you to Jet-Poop for this little bit of advice: Fear not trouble. It was under a different set of circumstances, but it helped me see that I'd been using "I'm the new guy," as a crutch and excuse, not a valid reason. Realized that too late to run a full-length Brevity Quest as wertperch had designed and intended but the Terse Quest was born. Thanks to JD for filling me in on a little more E2 culture, I plan to make use of it as I'm developing another quest for this summer. Thank you to all those who contributed writeups, votes, C!s, encouragement, editorial advice, and moral support. Thank you to those who went about their everyday noding activities. None of us could do it without one another, or at least not do it as well. Seriously, truly, honestly, and humbly: Thank you. Thank you all, with gratitude and appreciation.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled noding.

Full list of entrants:

Posted this Sweetmorn, the 61st day of Chaos in the YOLD 3190

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