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Marguerite Perrin is a very scary lady. Perhaps that’s why she was chosen to be on Fox’s Trading Spouses in early November 2005. Once televised, she terrified her surrogate family and her viewers with holy gibberish and screeches of “Darksided! Ungodly! Gargoyles! I'm a God Warrior!” and the like. I leave physical descriptions alone but suffice it to say that I would think twice about giving sass to this lady.

To summarize her role in the shows, briefly: Devout Christian Marguerite lands in the home of the “hippie Partridge Family.” She’s freaked out by their horoscopes, their clothes dryer, and, um, their solstice celebration. Meltdown occurs when her surrogate husband tries to introduce her to a psychic: “Find me a church!” Marguerite talks to her new family about Christ. Yes sir, they’re really enjoying themselves. More freakouts. Words of tolerance and reason from “silver-tongued” surrogate husband are rejected in fear. Etc., etc. Finally Marguerite returns home to God’s country. Major messianic meltdown as she rips up the check for $50,000 (which she’ll later re-accept) because it’s ungodly and unclean. Duuuuuuuude.

Marguerite showed up again just days later in the form of a handmade clay bobble-head doll being auctioned on eBay. It sold for $870.00, yes it did, and ended up getting featured on Fox News. The ingenious seller included a photo of the doll next to an autographed photo of Marguerite herself holding a photo of the doll. Whew! The item description is well worth reading but may provoke intense worry (or admiration) for humanity.




thanks to La petite mort for this one: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5464505634137914176

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