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A polyphonic analog orchestral synthesizer with a 49-note (C-C) keyboard. In production between 1980 and 1983.

Opus 3 features three sections: string, brass and organ. Each offers a single VCO for sound generation. The oscillators' ranges vary from 8'-4' (string) to 16'-1' (organ).

For the organ and brass parts there's a resonant multi-mode (low-/high-/band-pass) VCF, with its own envelope generators and controls for cut-off/resonance. A switch to choose between preset and manual filter modes for the brass is also featured. A simple LFO can be routed to FM or VCF modulation, and has controls for amount, delay (up to 20 seconds!) plus rate. VCA controls only include volume and panning for the stereo outputs.

A chorus effect is available for the string and organ sections, with ajustable depth, delay and rate. Other features include the usual tuning and pitch bend controls. There is only a single preset sound for each section, with no user programmable patch memory.

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