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A term that was attached to the wave of new mobile phone violence in Asia. The recent boom of cellphones in Asia resulted in just about everyone having a phone, including little kids. When fights occured, people would grab the first weapon in hand, in these cases, their cellphones. The Motorola Chop is basically using the phone as a kind of knuckleduster or baton to slap downwards on the head of the opponent. Quite painful, for the cellphone is a solid piece of hard plastic, with several pointy ends capable of inflicting damage to the head area.

Even more disturbing were incidents of schoolyard violence involving cellphones. Little kids would use the cellphones to bludgeon each other, causing severe bruises and bleeding. Many cases started off when a bullying type tried to grab the phone of a smaller kid when he was talking, and the kid turns around and smashes the phone into the side of the bully's head. Strange? Well, it's been happening a lot lately. The Motorola Fights of Asia can be seen as the schoolyard shootings of America, because it caused just as much outrage and concern in Asia as the guns caused in America. Yeah, there are no guns here. The Motorola Chop is about as formidable as they go around here.

Never mind that cellphones still cost a bit of money, people are using them beat each other up. That's Asia for you.

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