Weird thing: I took a nap; I dreamt that I wrote nodes for Paul Morley and New Musical Express. A few minutes after awakening, I realized that I hadn't actually written them - it was only a dream. So I cranked up the old Maxwell (okay, so Rochester did the work) and I posted the nodes, pretty much word-for-word. I haven't had a Weird Everything Moment since I wrote Get Happy! in the shower last winter.

October 16, 1999:r1

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I got to sleep today.

Just the first aspect of my Everything vacation.

Also made a new friend.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

Well, the rhetoric paper due Monday isn't going to get itself done. I guess tomorrow is a good time to start on it.

I also learned that quite possibly, my quite limited knowledge of Linux might make it more worthwhile to simply reinstall Linux to see if it'll recognize the damn ethernet card. I still gotta learn.


Everything 1's Best Users: October 16, 1999

A Snapshot of the Past

On Everything 1 (and Everything 2 before the advent of the Voting/Experience System) the Everything's Best Users list was ordered by number of writeups (prompting grumbling that it would encourage noding for numbers). Back on E1, I was so pleased with myself when I first made the list (and if I remember correctly, I knocked nate off it) that I printed it out. Recently, it occurred to me that this might make an interesting historical document of the database/community's past -- who was here then, who's dropped out since then, etc. After all, Everything is a community.

History of this writeup:

The first time I posted this (with the title "Everything 1's Best Users: October 16, 1999") it got nuked, with a caution from wharfinger that it wasn't appropriate to post stuff about Everything history. He suggested I ask dem bones' opinion.

Bones said that the EBU list from November 13, 1999 would be more interesting (unfortunately I don't have it), remarking "One doesn't seem inappropriate but it would be somewhat more 'significant' if it was the 'final' one ... but, again, I'm not really sure why." I said that to me, it was like being able to go backwards in the Cool Archive, and the reply was "Yea, I see what you're saying ... I just don't think that's of any particular value/interest ... but, as I said, I'm neutral - if you want it, post it ... i don't care as long as every day doesn't start getting posted (you'd be surprised)." I admit, that possibility hadn't occurred to me; it seemed obvious that the value of this list was that it was a single snapshot of the past, in the same way that a single photo of my great-great-grandparents holds particular value because I don't have any others.

When I told wharfinger that I planned to repost it and include a caution that archiving current EBU listings will be disapproved of by the administration, he replied, "I'd be happier if the warning were more like 'Please submit no E2 history writeups, period'. I think that would save us trouble down the line." I didn't understand the objection and asked why. "Hmm... I guess my objection is really this: The EBU list is primary source material with such a tight focus that by itself it doesn't amount to much more than a memento, or gossip." So I decided to take a suggestion tregoweth had made (and wharfinger even agreed with) and do this as a daylog, since those seem to be E2's approved repository for mementos and gossip. 8)

So, finally, here we go, the Everything's Best Users list as of October 16, 1999 at 1:47 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Everything's Best Noders

(at least quantitatively)

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