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It's been a while since I've noded last, and I have been hard pressed for ideas (I don't know why, I guess this is a transgression everyone goes through on e2 - it used to be so easy finding material), I've been wondering what to add to the database.

I started reading Illustrated Danish History for the People by Claus Deleuran, which is an excellent popular science version of archaeology (it start with the creation of the world according to the various myths - big bang, Ymir, etc - and goes on till the late 1100s, at which point the author sadly died from a cardiac arrest, the last page is only half done), anthropology, and linquistics (basically it covers most of northern Europe, but gets far around, even to the Ainus in Japan and eskimos in Greenland). It would be a hard job to node all this, but also a challenge I would be willing to take up if the need was there.

So, I ask you, my fellow noders, do you think this would be a worthy addition to the database? I'd like some feedback, either in the form of votes (guess which direction would mean your agreement), or messages...

Apparently, I was a bit unclear. The point was not to break copyright laws and write the whole shebang into e2, but more to do writeups on different periods (the bronze age, etc), and use the mentioned book as a source, but also use other sources as well.

It's been a few weeks since I went for that business course in Portrush, and ever since I returned, I have been very busy. The company I am working for has absorbed my life almost completely, and I am finding it difficult to observe and maintain a sense of myself beyond the company work, because the project that we are currently working on is so important, it has the potential to change all our lives, to put us into that wonderful dreamzone of security and plenty, from which we can see the world as a playground and not an enemy.

I think this is something that all people hope for, except of course the incredibly wealthy, who already have it. For me though, being a simple, and relatively poor person living in Northern Ireland, it is a dream that drives me on during my waking hours, and consumes my visions at night. To never have to worry about paying a bill again, to be sure that you can educate your children in the best way possible, to be able to move from country to country at whim: travel for the rest of your life, secure that you won't run out of cash, that is something worth fighting for now, when I am young, and strong, and especially so that I don't regret it when I get older. I must say that the course itself wasn't that special, but it did open my eyes, the fact that there is so much out there, for the people who have the guts to take it, and risk it all. I guess I am lucky, being young I can risk all, and give all, knowing that if it is taken, that I can simply shrug, and move on. Twenty years from now I probably won't be quite so open, but then again, who knows?

For the moment though, I think a spell at the gym might be in order to get rid of some of the flab that has been building up over the last year. It might also be a bit cathartic. At the moment I am reading Spinoza, and Douglas Adams. Both are excellent.

So, I wake up this morning and crawl onto my computer (I swear, this thing wakes me up better than any coffee in the world...though it does help a little when I have both). I log onto my IM and start chatting it up with a fellow gamer friend of mine from Vampire: The Masquerade. I am all happy, because I finally, after many....many...many years of putting off buying new reading material on the game, go out and buy some. They are second hand books, but still, I finally have them.

Well, what a way to shut a person down off of their happy streak! I tell her which books I got, and find out I got nothing but this - 'Outdated reading material'. Well, some things have to had stayed the same.....right? I sure hope so, because half of the books I got are the new 3rd editions, and the second edition ones I got, were under suggestion of another player of whom I trust greatly when it comes down to the nit grit of the game.

So, all in all I might have wasted a lot of my money for the love of the game, or I got the good classic stuff. It all depends on the persons view. I just have to read and make my own opinion I guess....
Heya folks. The day is still pretty young, so you may be wondering what the use of a daylog is right now... Well, I've been playing with the ekw theme and I've fallen in love with it's configurability. So much so that I've created...

The Aphex Twin ekw Theme of Mass-Genocide

If you want to test this badboy out, just feed these parameters into your ekw Preferences:

  • Background Color: #323232
  • Odd Row Color: #676650
  • Text Color: #8BA596
  • Unvisited Link Color: #ffffff
  • Visited Link Color: #cccccc
  • Active Link Color: #cccccc
  • Logo Border: #323232
  • Logo/Nodelet Title Background: #FFFF8C
  • Logo/Nodelet Title Text: #323232
  • Logo Accent Text: #676650
  • Text Font: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif
  • Text Font Size: 11px
  • Heading Font: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif
  • Logo Font: Courier, fixed-width
  • Logo Font Size: 26px
You may (or may not) have noticed that I have aped the color scheme from the Warp Records website. I like the high-contrast funkiness, so sue me. Atleast I'm giving credit where credit is due. So give that puppy a whirl, and /msg me any comments or whatever....


Quote of the Day:

I've learned that judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from mistakes. - Omar Bradley

News and Views:

  • US Special Forces are taking part in raids in southern Afghanistan.

    Sound military strategy, forcing the Taliban to try and be in more places at once. Given the array of forces marshaled against them, they'll run out of resources sooner or later.

  • Preliminary results shows that the Anthrax bacteria used in the various attacks comes from a common strain. This raises the possibility that the attacks are related.

  • Beijing Makes Regulations on Organic Food

    According to the article, some of the organic products are for export, but there is also a significant domestic market. How much the world has changed when a nominally Communist country announces that it put regulations in place to 'protect the consumer'.

  • Several
  • locations about the web are urging that you upgrade your virus protection against the possibility of cyberwar and cyberterrorism.

    It's never a bad idea to keep your security and virus protection as up to date as possible. Practice safe computing.

It's Ok to daylog, really.

But while you are about it, please tell us a bit about the town you live in, the industry you work in, the company you work for, or the school you attend. (Do slide in a few facts among your opinions please!) People, society, history, these are as much as part of Everything as factual writeups.

This place needs more actual content, let's begin.
Wow, what a day...

Morning goes by quickly, sleeping in, then quickly finishing up some cleaning of the apartment for our guests we'll be having later on.

A trip out to West Dundee to my doctor for my shot, and that's where we'll be meeting my two friends, K and S, and a third person, C, that I haven't met yet, a houstguest of one, and apparently SO of the other. The wait's a little long, so we go wander Spring Hill Mall for a few minutes. We get back, and it turns out we missed them coming in to the office, as K signed in just after I did, but no sign of them. I don't have to wait long, get in, get my shot taken care of, and as we're waiting to pay, she walks in. Ok, the other two, S and C, are waiting outside on the bench, so we head out there to wait.

Yep, just as expected, they're holding hands and such on the bench. I think it's cool, but I do notice quite a few stares at them - I doubt they see two girls holding hands much in their area.

We chat, get to know C a bit. We were planning on heading straight to Macaroni Grill to eat, but they ate quite a bit a few hours ago, so we just head back to our apartment and chat for a while. We talk about things not of consequence, and also some of our own experiences being TG and such. I show them an old picture of me, just for shits and giggles, and am happy when they tell me that the person looks like a sibling at best, and they can't really connect it with me now. A fun thought.

Finally, we leave, and meet up with another friend at the restaurant, E. We picked Macaroni Grill because S, has never been to an Italian restaurant. They apparently don't have many of those in New Zealand.

At one point at dinner, I sit and just consider the fact that of a table of six women here, five of them were't born that way - and that probably not a single person in the restaurant ever thought a thing. That it's almost a footnote - I feel like I'm just in a group of women, cause that's how it is. It was great realizing that it really didn't matter.

Afterwards, we head over to Woodfield Mall. S had been to only one American mall in the two months she's been in the country, and that was the smaller one earlier today. We enter through our normal door, right by the shoe section at JC Penney's. And S is immediately over in the shoes - C and I right behind her, while the other three wander elsewhere. I find the most perfect pair of brown boots, but just as my luck is, nothing in my size.

Anyways, we get back together, I point out the forest green suede skirt I so desperately want (and they all agree it would look good on me), and we start to head out toward the rest of the mall. We stop temporarily by the leather coats, S once again having to look (I can tell already she can sure shop), and I decide to try one on. Looks bad, but S points me to another she thinks will look better, so I try that one on. OMG, I am in love with it immediately - and I had no interested in a leather coat before. I do now. :)

We finally get to the front of the store, and wander out into the mall itself. I can hear S gasp, and I think C did also. They just stand and stare for a couple minutes, at the enormous size, the huge ceiling, all the people. I take a minute to look at it again, feeling the excitment of something new coming from S and C. It is pretty damn amazing to look at...

Well, we wander around for a couple hours, making it through about half of the mall. S and C pull is into stores I never thought I'd go into (like Hot Topic, as I always felt too old for it... and it was actually pretty fun being in there - I loved the shirt that said "Think Forward, Not Straight" with the text in rainbow). I've never been in the middle of a group of six, all interested in looking and shopping, and it's pretty damn fun.

Finally, we leave, and E has to head elsewhere, so it's back to the five of us. We return to our apartment, and break out a bottle of wine, White Zinfandel, my favorite. It takes no time as we chat to down that bottle, so we head back into the fridge - there's some old bottle of cheap champagne in there, so they open it, and pour out five glasses. It is easily the worst stuff I have ever drank! OMFG! The other four down their glasses, to get rid of it, but I won't touch mine, so K finishes it for me.

Since we don't have much else except sipping liquers around (Chambord, Frangelico, Godiva), K and S head to the store to pick up some more alcohol. The other three of us chat, find out a little more, and C gives us a couple ideas for questions to ask when they get back - somewhere along the line we all decided we're going to play truth or dare - I think since so few of us have ever done that, and it's such an interesting group of people we're with.

They get back, two 4 packs of wine coolers, and 2 more bottles of White Zin. Full glasses of wine, and we start playing. All the alcohol was finished quickly, along with the bottle of Godiva, and a good amount of Chambord. And truth or dare is a very interesting game to play with a group of trannies (4 out of 5), as the questions are so much more interesting ("What was the most boyish thing you've ever done?" "What happened when your parents first caught you dressed as a girl?"), along with more typical questions ("What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?") Some very interesting dares also - let's just say that I ran around the apartment topless :)

Anyways, it all eventually had to come to an end (a rather sudden one, as someone had some issues pop up on them they had to deal with)... I was rather sad about it, because it was such a fun day. I was with a group of friends that I was just so comfortable around, more comfortable and open with a group than I've ever been (even more so than my college friends), and I knew it would be a while before we would be together again, if ever (C is from Florida, visiting on fall break from her college), though there are still four of us in the area.

Damn, it feels nice to belong.

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