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Off The Charts is a slot machine produced by WMS Gaming, (the gambling branch of Williams the arcade game manufacturer). This is an electronic slot machine, with a monitor instead of actual reels. The theme of this particluar machine is that of a 60's jukebox. This is a nine line machine with a total of 5 reels, and different versions will accept anywhere from 1 to 90 coins. This machine usually takes 5 cent tokens, but some casinos have 25 cent and 1 dollar versions of this machine.

The symbols in this game are all music related, (records, guitars, keyboards, saxophones, and similar items are most common). This game features three different bonuses. The first is the "skip bonus", the payout will often repeat when you line up 3 or more records, (with a sound effect of a skipping record). The second bonus is the gold record which is a wild symbol that matches most of the other symbols in the game, (with only a couple of exceptions). The third bonus is the big one, the musical notes. You go into the bonus round when you line up 3 music notes on any payline.

The bonus round consists of several free spins. When a record shows up during a bonus game, it will stay and the other reels will spin. This usually results in the player receiving a nice combination of 4 or more records by the end of the bouns game. For example: you may get a combination of 3 records on your first bonus spin, the machine will pay that, and then spin the remaining reels. It will continue to pay that initial payout on every spin, while it tries to get an even higher one.

WMS licensed a lot of classic 1960's R&B songs for this game. Including Dance to the Music, Chain of Fools, and Papa's Got a Brand New Bag.

This game, (like most electronic slot machines), gives the majority of it's payout through the bonus round. You will find that your money quickly goes down the drain if you do not manage to hit the bonus round from time to time.

From the WMS Gaming website
With popular R&B songs of the 60s, this 5-reel, 9-line video slot is sure to be a hit. In Off the Charts we've added animated records, instruments and notes to make players move and groove to the funky beat while they try to top the pay charts. The first screen "Platter Scatter" bonus has its own theme music and talented symbols that sing and dance while helping players win extra credits. We thought of everything . . . even broken records that skip music to repeat a line of pay.

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