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A practice that many compaines perform on their employees, probably due to some sort of preference that our vehemently anti-drug government gives to those companies. Involves drug testing of all employees at random or semi-random intervals, though some places seem to do it on a regular interval.

While they have good intentions, it suggests that the bodily fluids of the employee are somehow the property of the company, giving them the right to take it from an employee at whim.

Also should be an insult to all employees, especially managers/supervisors, as it implies that trusting them to notice when an employee may have a drug problem is a bad idea and not good enough. Perhaps they don't even think that people could identify when someone has a drug problem, though I think most of us know better.

Based on the premises that all drugs will show up on a test, and that use of (illegal) drugs necessarily impairs the job performance of any employee.

The first premise is known to be false. Many drugs are completely out of your system in less than 24 hours, including LSD and ecstasy. Use of these drugs will show up on a hair test, but not in a blood test or a urine test, and most companies test urine. The second premise is also false. It is related to the war on drugs. It is based less on which drugs actually mess you up the most: while your employer is testing you for drugs, coffee, tea, pop, and various sweet things are available to you for little or no money.

Drug testing also indicates to employees that their skills are less important than whether they pass the test or not, thus demeaning their skills.

The idea that unpaid hours should be under your employer's control is a step away from an employer mandating amphetamine use on the job to improve performance.

It's just not right. If there's a problem with an employee at work, such as an accident or fight, or something of that nature, then maybe drug testing makes some sense, but I just don't believe so. The company for which I work, does random drug testing and supposedly it's not when that's random , but who. Now they have about 150 branches throughout the country, and I've been tested 4 times in the last 9 months. I wish I had that kind of random luck in the lottery. No one else has been tested at my branch in that same time frame. You can drink all night and come in with a hangover that might affect your attitude or your work performance and nothing is done. Go out at night and smoke a joint and your job and your income is at risk. Something is wrong with this picture.

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