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Richard Glover is the host of the afternoon drive time slot in Sydney’s 702 ABC local radio.

The last half hour of every day he has different forums: Monday he runs the Political Forum, Tuesday - “Journo’s Forum” to discuss media issues of the week, a touchy feelie topic on Wednesdays, called the "Midweek Conference" - which delves in depth on one topic with one or two experts, Thursday is the Critics Forum to catch up on all forms of entertainment including a poet warm up act and on Friday’s there are comedians to conduct TGIF to end the week on an ‘up’ note.

The forums consist of three ‘experts’ in the appropriate field - usually representing three distinct points of view, for the more serious topics on Monday and Tuesday. The critics forum will usually have three of the following possibilities: the flicks, theatre, book, TV critic. TGIF will take a look at the lighter side of the major stories of the week (often these will have been covered on Monday or Tuesday).

He is also an author of both books and a column in the Sydney Morning Herald. His books include: In Bed with Jocasta, The P-Plate Parent and Grin and Bear It.

In Bed with Jocasta is the journey of an Australian couple and their family, through the trials of day-to-day living. The book is based closely on many of his regular pieces in the Sydney Morning Herald which in turn have often been based on the goings on in his family.

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