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Thank God It's Friday.

A freeware graphics authoring package for most versions of Unix (including Linux). It is at version 4.1 and is available at:


This package is great, and I can personally attest to its ability to help one produce professional-looking drawings and/or presentations.

Some of the great features that Tgif boasts:

One of the disadvantages is no easy way to output gif or jpeg (you must use other translation programs for this). Also, I have not found a Windows version.
A long running block of Friday night family programming on ABC. It ran from I beleive 1987-2000. The original lineup was Full House, Family Matters, Just the 10 of Us and Perfect Strangers. Other succesfull additions included the Patrick Duffy/Suzanne Sommers Brady Bunch rip-off Step By Step, the Archie spin-off Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and the enduring America's Funniest Home Videos.

TGIF made Fridays a very successful night for ABC. However, as family programming became more and more generic the ratings waned. Eventually CBS bought Family Matters and the WB bought Sabrina, officially putting the last nail in the TGIF coffin.

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