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Rockmonster is a band from Sweden, formed in 1999. Their music is (like with so many other bands) really hard to define, but I'd say it's some kind of moderately innovative psychedelic, ambient, laid back, sexy rock with electronic influences. Like a mix between Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Chemical Brothers, Beck and "the new Primal Scream". The main elements of rock remain unchanged: The groove, the hang, the dirty sound, but unlike most rock-cliché-bands they are not afraid to do something out of the ordinary. And unlike most so-called "innovators", they don't mess it up.

The sound:

Repetitive riffs, hypnotic, groovy rythms and some quite melodic vocals. The songs are pretty soft and laid back most of the time, though a couple of songs are bit more up-tempo, the slack sound always remain: Sloppy, lazy, blue riffs with an equally sloppy, lazy kind of distortion effect. A lot of percussion and rarely any "regular-style" drumming; Mostly toms and kickdrums. Electronic strings, pads, etc. play along nicely with the soft, cool voice of Martin Thomasson. And the final touch of perfection: tremolo slide guitars.


Johan Skugge - Guitars and Keyboards (Other bands: Yvonne)
Fredrik Wennerlund - Drums and Percussion (Other bands: Honey is Cool)
Martin Thomasson - Vocals and Guitar

In short:

It's a great band. It's great for just chilling, puffing the herb or riding the bus. And when you walk the streets with this stuff in your headphones you will feel like you're the most stylish dudemeister and/or dudemeistress in the world.


Rockmonster - Rockmonster 2000
Rockmosnter - Interrupter 2001

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