"hi my name is sam, i draw pictures, from your titles."

The creator of explodingdog.com. At first glance his pictures seem simplistic and child-like but the emotion and depth that his stick figures convey is powerfully effective.

He has an obsession with robots (one many obsessive themes that carry through his work) and will usually change the word 'monkey' to 'monster' when it appears in a title.

A Sam Brown is also a belt that passes over one shoulder and then goes around the waist. Usually made of brown leather, it's a piece of military uniform, worn in the American and British armies.

Sometimes written as Sam Browne.

A fantastic and gorgeous singer-songwriter. Very distinctive voice and individual style.


  1. Stop! - 1988
  2. With the single 'Stop! which Reached number 4 in the UK and number 1 in five other countries. Also, 'Can I get a Witness?' reached number 15 in the UK.

  3. April Moon - 1990
  4. The single 'Kissing Gate' reached number 23 in the UK.

  5. 43 Minutes - 1993
  6. Box - 1997
  7. Reboot - 2000



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