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I go to college. Sometimes. I live in Chicago. I used those two factors when acquiring my Student Advantage card. What it does is provide me with many benefits that result from being a student and living in Chicago. Allow me to share some of the discounts and all out benefits I have received during my first two years of using the card: The only real bad thing about the card is that you have to be in a somewhat populated area or college town for it to really be of any worth.

There are a few ways to get a Student Advantage card. You can buy one for $22 (at least it used to be), or get an AT&T version that doubles as a calling card and pay nothing. I did the latter, crossed out the PIN on the card with lots of very permanent marker, and I rule.

So yeah. I'm cheap as fuck because I'm poor, so I utilize the power of this card as often as possible. If you're a student, I suggest doing the same. Be sure not to pay for it though...free discounts rule. Besides, you're paying enough for school anyway.

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