A very exciting Super Bowl XXXVIII was played on 1 February 2004 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas featuring

New England Patriots 32 -- Carolina Panthers 29

The Patriots were favored to win by 7 points, and the over/under was 37.5 points. Even if you weren't rooting for either team, the game became very exciting as it progressed. The first quarter was a close contest, with neither defense allowing any scoring. Both teams' offensive squads picked up the intensity before halftime, with 3 touchdowns and one field goal scored in the last 3 minutes and 5 seconds. It took another full quarter after coming out of the locker rooms before the two teams started racking up points in the fourth quarter. The game looked to be destined for overtime, tied at 29, until the Patriots' Adam Vinatieri kicked a 41 yard field goal to put the Pats over the top.

Beyoncé Knowles sung "The Star-Spangled Banner" and the halftime show included Janet Jackson, P. Diddy, Kid Rock, and Nelly, with an unannounced appearance by Justin Timberlake. An overblown controversy erupted over a part of the show when Timberlake tore away part of Jackson's constume exposing her right breast. Although the parties involved are blaming a wardrobe malfunction, it was pretty obviously an attention-grabbing stunt. People who like to get worked up about such things are launching investigations to find out who knew what, and when they knew it. What a country!

(For the uninitiated: American Football, National Football League, Super Sunday: a brief primer)

Scoring Summary

Team  Qtr   Time left   
Pats   2       3:05       Deion Branch catches 5 yard TD pass from Tom Brady 
                                (PAT by Adam Vinatieri is good)
Cats   2       1:07       Steve Smith catches 39 yd TD pass from Jake Delhomme 
                                (PAT by John Kasay is good)
Pats   2       0:18       David Givens catches 5 yd pass from Tom Brady 
                                (PAT by Adam Vinatieri is good)
Cats   2       0:00       John Kasay kicks 50 yd field goal
Pats   4      14:49       Antowain Smith rushes 2 yards for a TD 
                                (PAT by Adam Vinatieri is good)
Cats   4      12:39       DeShaun Foster rushes 33 yds for a TD 
                                (2 pt conv. fails)
Cats   4       6:53       Muhsin Muhammad catches 85 yd TD pass from Jake Delhomme 
                                (2 pt conv. fails)
Pats   4       2:51       Mike Vrabel catches 1 yd pass from Tom Brady 
                                (Kevin Faulk rushes for 2 pt. Conv)
Cats   4       1:08       Ricky Proehl catches 12 yd pass from Jake Delhomme 
                                (PAT by John Kasay is good)
Pats   4       0:04       Adam Vinatieri kicks a 41 yd field goal

Postseason Results

 'Lina Panthers
             14  \
                  \      Panthers
at                 ------------------
              3   /    NFC Champs    \
 Phila Eagles    /                    \
-----------------                      \
                                        \   NEW ENGAND PATRIOTS
  Indy Colts                             --------------------------
-----------------                       /   Super Bowl Champions
             14  \                     /
                  \      Patriots     /
at                 ------------------- 
             24   /    AFC Champs 
 N.E. Patriots   /

Road to the Conference Championships

Wild card round, 3-4 Jan 2004

Division playoffs, 10-11 Jan 2004

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