New England Patriots 24 -- Philadelphia Eagles 21

Super Bowl XXXIX was played on 6 February 2005 at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida; kickoff was at 6:38 pm EST. Alltel Stadium seats over 78,000 people. The National Football Conference champion will have their choice of home or away uniforms, and the American Football Conference champion will decide by how many points they will win. The game will be broadcast by the Fox Network on television and by CBS Radio-Westwood One. Last year 144.4 million people watched the Super Bowl.

The United States National Anthem was sung by the Glee Clubs of the U.S. Air Force, Coast Guard Academy, Naval Academy, and Military Academy at West Point. The American Sign Language performance was given by Wesley Tallent.

The halftime show was designed to contain as much saccharin-sweet thigh-clenching schmaltz as the average Branson, Missouri retiree can handle. The main dish was Paul McCartney served up with an ample helping of dancing drones. Given the flap over Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" last year, this year's show was as edgy as a giant, suffocating marshmallow the size of Dennis Hastert's butt.*

The most notable trend this season was the play by teams in the National Conference. Two teams, the St. Louis Rams and the Minnesota Vikings, enter the playoffs with just as many losses as wins, and the only reason the other teams have winning records is that they played many other NFC teams. The Philadelphia Eagles should have waltzed all the way to the big dance, but strange things have happened before.

(For the uninitiated: American Football, National Football League, Super Sunday: a brief primer)

Scoring Summary




Eagles TD
L.J. Smith, 6 Yd pass from Donovan McNabb (David Akers kick is good), 9:55. Drive: 9 plays, 81 yards in 4:36.
Pats TD
David Givens, 4 Yd pass from Tom Brady (Adam Vinatieri kick is good), 1:10. Drive: 7 plays, 37 yards in 3:15.


Pats TD
Mike Vrabel, 2 Yd pass from Tom Brady (Adam Vinatieri kick is good), 11:04. Drive: 9 plays, 69 yards in 3:56.
Eagles TD
Brian Westbrook, 10 Yd pass from Donovan McNabb (David Akers kick is good), 3:35. Drive: 10 plays, 74 yards in 4:17.


Pats TD
Corey Dillon, 2 Yd run (Adam Vinatieri kick is good), 13:44. Drive: 9 plays, 66 yards in 4:51.
Pats FG
Adam Vinatieri 22 Yd, 8:40. Drive: 8 plays, 43 yards in 3:49.
Eagles TD
Greg Lewis, 30 Yd pass from Donovan McNabb (David Akers kick is good), 1:48. Drive: 13 plays, 79 yards in 3:52.

Postseason Results

 Atlanta Falcons
              10 \
                  \   Phila Eagles    
at                 ------------------
              27  /    NFC Champs    \
 Phila Eagles    /                    \
-----------------                      \
                                        \   N.E. PATRIOTS
 N.E. Patriots                           --------------------------
-----------------                       /   Super Bowl Champions
              41 \                     /
                  \  N.E. Patriots    /
at                 ------------------- 
              27  /    AFC Champs 
 Pitt. Steelers  /

Road to the Conference Championships

Wild card round, 8-9 Jan 2005

(Numbers in parenthesis are the regular season win-loss records.)

Division Playoffs, 15-16 Jan 2005



* Original similie was with Dick Cheney's butt. Upon further thought, I imagine that, despite the girth of his waist, his is probably one of those withered old-man butts, strained from all these years of clenching his ass cheeks together tight enough to turn any organic matter between them into diamond.

Updated 7 February 2005

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