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The Sony Ericsson T68i cellular phone was released on the market in the second quarter of 2002.


  • Dimensions with battery: 100 x 48 x 20 mm
  • Battery capacity: 700 mAh
  • Antenna: Built-in
  • Weight with battery: 84 grams
  • Type of display: Full graphic LCD, 256 colors
  • Size of display: 34 x 28 mm
  • Resolution: 101 x 80 pixels


The T68i is quite small, with an outstanding battery life, I usually charge mine once a week -- even though it's used quite frequently in my work.

The most striking feature of the phone is the color screen, you can download background pictures (101 x 80 px GIF) and screen savers to the phone via WAP, data cable, IR or BlueTooth.

Sony Ericsson has laid down lots of work in the design, it looks stylish with a silvery white body and light blue metallic frame around the display. This makes it look more like a designer phone than the Ericsson T68, its predecessor, with its rubber back cover and more neutral grayish color. (Unless you chose the gold one...)

Using the phone is a joy, the menus are intuitive and easy to move through with the joystick located beneath the display.

The only glitch I've found on the phone is that it's very slow when writing a short message. You happily click away on the keyboard, and after a while realise that the phone still hasn't displayed the last seven words you've written. Give it a short breake, and it gets up to speed, but such a pricey piece of electronics should be able to follow your typing speed!

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