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Here's my question concerning Temptation Island:

If the Fox network hired 40 hot women and men for the sole purpose of tempting one partner into screwing their brains out, didn't they really hire twenty prostitutes?

What do they consider infidelity... kissing someone else, a petting session, or full-bore sexual intercourse?

It looks like Fox ran out of When Animals Attack episodes. Now we're subjected to When Hormones Attack. This does not restore my faith in humanity.

"FOX turned into a sleazy sex channel so slowly that I didn't even notice."
-Marge Simpson in a flash-forward episode

Apparently Matt Groening was not just being silly. This new show reveals that FOX is, in fact, turning into a sleazy sex channel. And the prostitution thing occured to me too. Should the FOX executives be arrested for soliciting prostitution?

Worse than that, this show is just cruel. One of the people on one of the commercials says he just thought it was a game. Is FOX deceiving people? Can these people now sue them for ruining their relationship?

FOX, can't you think of anything better to do with your time? The best show you've got is constantly making fun of you! Bart and Homer sit there watching "When Surgery Goes Wrong" and other such filth. I think there's a message here.

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