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The Everything People Registry : Greece

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  • suidine

    I don't know what stereotype impression comes to a non-Greek's mind's eye when they hear Greece, do they picture little white houses? Bikini clad women? Black-haired greasy fat guys? Churches? A deserted wasteland? Whatever the case, if you've never been here the image in your mind is probably dead off.

    I live in Athens, Greece and I can stick my head up my ass with ease and say I think I'm the most intelligent person here.

Natives and former long-time residents:

  • Apatrix

    I've lived in Athens as well as in Patras and its surrounding area, Achaia. This has made me a gastronomical authority in the field of the souvlaki. It has also left me with the wholly unreasonable expectation to have my pizza delivered in under twenty minutes, something which just doesn't happen where I am now. I'm not sure what suidine is trying to say but might disagree if I knew.

  • artemis entreri

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