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Since there are few noders in Japan, that have registered that is, I will keep this list alphabetical. Should Nihon become teeming with noders in the future, I will reorganize this list into Prefectures.

apelet: Tokyo
Ciab: Tokyo
dokool: Tokyo
drdave: Tokyo
kaytay: Tokyo
liontamer: Kurashiki
mowph: Furano Hokkaido
noumiso: Tokyo
pi: Kochi-ken
sekicho: Tokyo
superfly: Nayoga-shi, Aichi-ken
tokumei: Tokyo
TygerTyger: Shizuoka ken
wukong888: Takarazuka shi, Hyogo-ken
VAG: Tokyo

To be added to the list for any People Registry node
contact the individual who posted the list in the respective node
or any Content Editor

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