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Actually, these might be of interest:

Now what you really care about. GATHERINGS that have been held here, the first two in my house actually.
  1. The LAWG Waffle Jam, wait, er, no that's right. (December 2002)
  2. Plantains are the unifying factor (January 2003)
  3. There goes the neighborhood! A Labor Day housewarming (September 2005)
  4. There goes the neighborhood! 2: Unfinished Business (September 2006)
  5. There goes the neighborhood! 3: im in ur house eating ur f00dz (November 2007)
  6. There goes the neighborhood! 4: My thunderstick for your beaver (October 2008)
  7. Hoosier Daddy? An Amish Thanksgiving Nodermeet (November 2010)

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