Bar/club in the TriBeCa section of downtown New York City, famous for hosting free jazz and experimental music but also host to normal rock sometimes. Big hangout for John Zorn.

Once the apex of cool, the Knit has slipped a bit -- they were possibly the first club to broadcast shows on the Internet, but they're not up to speed on the MP3 craze, and their Web site is chronically out of date.

Update: The Knit now has a Hollywood location, right on Sunset Blvd. Its construction almost threw owner Michael Dorf into bankruptcy, and for a while in 2000 the Village Voice was printing stories about the Knit being unable to make payroll; many many employees either left or were let go. Things appear to have stabilized ... but the Web site remains chronically out of date.

Oh... and John Zorn has had some kind of falling out with the Knit; he doesn't play there any more.

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