braveSaintSaturn is:
Reese Roper: Vocals, Guitar, Programming, Keys
Dennis Culp: Guitar, BGVs, Vocals on "Heart Still Beats" and "Recall", Keys, Programming, Bass, Narratives
Keith Hoerig: Bass
Andy Verdecchio: Drums

The second braveSaintSaturn Album, released on March 25, 2003, was the band's first under Tooth And Nail Records. One preview track was released in January of that year, entitled "The Sun Also Rises." It marked the first CD in which Five Iron Frenzy drummer Andrew "Chaka" Verdecchio was a full time member of the band. It's a much faster paced CD than the last one, although it still has its acoustic moments. The coolest part, in my opinion, is that it utilizes the space theme to much greater effect than their debut, So Far From Home. Several of the tracks, marked on the track list with an i, aren't actual songs, but rather instrumental or story tracks.

The CD begins with a prologue, which does away with the robot from the first CD in favor of a female voice, narrated by Jen Hollingsworth. It plays out in a movie-ish fashion, with the crew of the fictional USS Gloria becoming lost behind Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, and ends with the triumphant Daylight, which features a radio-sounding interlude in which one of the crew members screams "I see the sunlight... it's beautiful, the sunlight, it's beautiful!". This is second of the braveSaintSaturn trilogy; if my memory serves me, So Far From Home is about leaving, The Light of Things Hoped For is about being lost, and the as-yet-unnamed third CD is about coming home. If the improvement between this and So Far From Home is any indication, the third CD should be even more incredible.

Track Listing:

  1. Prologue (i)
  2. The Sun Also Rises
  3. Binary
  4. Mercury (i)
  5. Enamel
  6. Anastasia
  7. Titan
  8. Gemini (i)
  9. Estrella
  10. Heart Still Beats
  11. Babies Breath
  12. I Fell Away
  13. Recall
  14. Atropos (i)
  15. Daylight
  16. Irides of M (i)

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