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Kraftwerk's seventh album. Undoubtedly one of the best. Released on LP in 1978. Re-released on CD in 1987. Front of sleeve (of the CD-version) pictures Ralf Hütter, Karl Bartos, Wolfgang Flür and Florian Schneider in their famous "Kraftwerk-outfits" -- red shirt, black tie and dark brown trousers.

Following the Kraftwerk tradition the record has few, but long and also very good, tracks; The Robots being the most well-known.


Track listing:
Non-linked tracks have no lyrics.

1. The Robots (6:09)
2. Spacelab (5:56)
3. Metropolis (5:59)
4. The Model (3:39)
5. Neon Lights (9:05)
6. The Man Machine (5:25)

One of the best Kraftwerk songs ever. Found on the The Man Machine record, from 1978.
The German version was called Die Mensch-Machine.



The Man Machine
Hütter / Kraftwerk

Man Machine
Pseudo human being
Man Machine
Super human being



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