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Album and song by The Cure. Definitely their hardest album to listen to. This is not to say it's not really good. Smith wallows in self hate throughout the whole thing, and it's accompanied by appropriate music. Some people like to think that the songs on Disintegration are suicidal, but this is the album where Smith really does it. Here's a sampling of some of the more disturbing lyrics:

"Or leave it senseless like a suck on a gun?
Put a piece of metal in your head you said
Make you dead
Make you hippa hippa hippa"

Give Me it:
"Slit the cats like cheese
Then eat the sweet sticky things
Suck harder suck harder
Suck your insides insides out"

"Look at the piggy
Piggy in the mirror" (Smith has several "fat" songs)

Shake Dog Shake:
"Wake up in the dark
The after-taste of anger in the back of my mouth
Spit it on the wall
And cough some more
And scrape my skin with razor blades...
As stale and selfish as a sick dog
Spurning sex like an animal of god
I'll tear your red hair by the roots
And hold you blazing
Hold you cherished in the dead electric light"

Here's the lyrics to the song, "The Top":
I don't care
If only I could say that
And not feel so sick and scared
I don't care
If only I could say that
If only my eyes would close

It's jesus brilliant
You used to laugh
Walking these gorgeous blocks
This top is the place
Where nobody goes
You just imagine
You just imagine it all

Every day I lie here
And know that it's true
All I really want is you
Please come back
Please come back
Like all the other ones do

Please come back
All of you

Popular DJ bar in San Francisco, CA. In the day (1994-1999) was the home away from home for all forms of dance music.

As dance/electronic music has gained popularity, so has the Top become too crowded.

Owned by the wonderful, albeit moody, Lee; the Top continues to be a bastion of dance music to the masses. Have Lee make you a Flaming Cocksucker if you can catch her.

A villain published by DC Comics. The Top first appeared in The Flash #122 in 1962.

Roscoe Dillon was a professional criminal. Realizing that he would never achieve the level of success he wanted as a normal criminal, he decided to become a supervillain, but needed an edge. He had always been fond of toy tops as a child, and decided that spinning would be a cool gimmick, and so designed a costume and some weapons based on tops and named himself The Top. Dillon was not the brightest of criminals.

Inexplicably, the Top's early crimes were a success. He became rather infamous and decided to strike in Central City, putting him in conflict with Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash. Dillon was defeated and sent to jail and upon his release began working with other foes of the Flash as part of the Rogues Gallery. He also began to date Captain Cold's sister, Lisa Snart who was also a professional ice skater.

During this time, Dillon found that spinning increased his intelligence. Why this happened and how has never been properly explained, but never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Dillon began to use his new intelligence to plan craftier and more elaborate crimes, but continued to be defeated by the Flash. Eventually, Dillon's mind developed the ability of mind over matter and he realized that this might be the key to finally defeating the Flash. What the Top had not taken into account was that his new powers also made him highly sensitive to the Flash's vibrations and on his first outing with his new powers, the Flash's vibrations caused his brain to overheat and him to die.

Roscoe was not going to let a little thing like death keep him out of the game though. He has revisited the land of the living on a number occasions, taking over the bodies of the recently deceased. He first attempted to kill the Flash by taking over the body of Barry Allen's father, who had been caught in a car accident and who had died for a minute. The Flash tricked Dillon into trying to possess him and allowed the Flash's father to return to his body.

Years later, the Top tricked the hero Hawk of Hawk and Dove into helping him, convincing Hawk that he was Hawk's brother Don. The Top caused a car accident that killed U.S. Senator Thomas O'Neil and he jumped into O'Neil's body. The Top used O'Neil to attempt to become president, by running as vice-president and then killing his running mate. He was stopped by the new Flash Wally West and presently is imprisoned in a mental institution.

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