Great public radio station in New York City, produced by Fordham University. It plays a wide variety of music, including a lot of folk rock. Niche shows include Delphine Blue's "Shocking Blue Mix", which plays Trip-Hop, Pete Fornatelle's "Mixed Bag", which is like listening to a damn good mix tape, and Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight- free form radio in historic form.

A little bit more on WFUV, with a little help from

WFUV is the radio station responsible for maintaining my sanity during my morning commute to Fordham's Bronx, NYC campus. A powerful station, Fordham University's Voice pumps out 50 kW. That's enough power to get the signal up through to the top of Westchester County and down through Suffolk. In other words, the signal makes a good 50 mile radius.

FUV's prominent radio show is the daylong City Folk, which despite its name incorporates more than just "folk" music. While there is a playlist, theme days incorporate extended segments of the day's honored artist. For example, Michael Stipe's birthday mixed in REM singles and obscure work with more common fare. Thematic events spread over the different hosts that comprise the City Folk day.

WFUV is also a haven for New York veteran commercial DJ legends , such as Dennis Elsas and Darren DeVivo. All shows are well produced. While some improvisation adds some color, and the veteran broadcasters bring familiar voices to the station, some may get the impression that the radio station is too slick for a university enterprise. Yet even though the station is under the oversight of the trustees of Fordham, its apparent that the level of production is something wholly unlike spinning a few records down at the local college low power station.

Yes, WFUV has fund drives like most public radio stations, but even there WFUV tries to keep attention with programming that takes the sting away from brazen pleas for money. Shellacking the 2001 holiday season fund drive with thick album cuts from popular independent and folk albums of the year, some WFUV listeners may have wanted to listen to a fund drive just to get in some Dan Bern .

And yes, there's always NPR at the top of the hour.

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