Sir Paul McCartney's post-Beatles band; him, his wife Linda, and ex-Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine. With Paul the poppiest of the Fabs, it was natural that Wings ended up the most commercially successful of Beatle solo ventures (though, for a while, they were eclipsed by Ringo). "Jet", "Band on the Run", "Live and Let Die", large world tours, saccharine ballads and Silly Love Songs.

In memoriam: Linda Eastman McCartney.

Also WINGs, an acronym for WINGs Is Not GNUstep, and the widget set used by Window Maker. By admission of the WINGs readme file, it is not terribly useful for anything more complicated than a CD player.

Two brothers, Brian and Joe Hackett (Steven Weber and Timothy Daly) and wife Helen (Crystal Bernard) attempt to run a Cape Cod based airline while surrounded by their various wacky friends and employees (David Schramm as Roy Biggins, Rebecca Schull as Fay Schlob Dumbly DeVay Cochran, Thomas Haden Church as Lowell Mather, and so on)

The show was on NBC from 1990 to 1997, airing 172 episodes.

In a theatre, the wings are the area of backstage that are at ground level on either side of the stage. It is where the techies generally work, and where scenery is stored, and actors wait for their cue to go on.

Hence the expression 'in the wings' (as opposed to 'in the limelight') meaning someone who is working, unseen, but in just as important a role as someone who is in the public eye.

If you're after any other theatre tech information, then do take a look at 'Everything you ever wanted to know about theatre tech, but were afraid to ask'

Wings is the title of a movie about The Great War directed by William Wellman. It was released as a silent film in 1927, winning the first Academy Award ever given for Best Picture.

It stars:

This film is at once tender and brutal. It deals with the stark immediate reality of war, and how that meshes with our humanity. This is accomplished by focusing three young people from a small town who join the war effort (the two boys join as pilots, the girl joins the motor corps) and following them throughout the war. This is also, however, a movie about friendship, class animosity, and love. An interresting thing about World War I movies made fairly soon after the war is the sense of morality and idealism because it was generally believed that nothing like that could ever happen again, and that we as a species had learned our lesson. To an extent I think that sentiment was a product of necesity. I think that a lot of people were still struggling to wrap their minds around what had happened.

All in all, this is one of my favorite movies. It is very emotionally intense, alternating between slow but deep character development and heart racing action, it will satisfy those out for a chick flick as well as those out for a solid war movie. Another thing this movie is often noted for is the incredible cinematography and well filmed dogfights and battles. The violence may be a little much for some, but if you are going to watch a war movie, that is not unexpected. If this movie were to come out now, it would likely draw an R for violence.

I won't try to spoil the movie for you, but be prepared to laugh a couple times, and cry many times, and be on the edge of your seat quite often.

I try out
for a solo

my director
is pleased
I am growing

she says
I am beautiful

she says
I look like a different person

she knows
a little of what I have weathered

my patient
is 86

and her husband died
in December

she misses him so

as she comes into the room
one day

she says
you look as if you have wings
and are ready to take off

and I freeze
for a moment

in surprise

that she can see
my wings.

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