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As he walked, she fell in beside him. Her hair, blonde and shining, pulled up into a pony-tail that swung from side to side as she jogged a slow pace that matched his fast walk.

Her skin was fresh and rosy, dewed lightly with perspiration, her eyes a cliched cornflower blue. Her full lips were parted slightly, but her breathing was easy, and She was lean and muscled like an athlete, although still clearly feminine, no overbuilt bulges on her. This was a cheerleader not a girl-jock.

Where the walking man came from, she would have been, if not ordinary (she was too pretty to be called ordinary), at least unremarkable, but in this setting she was the most alien thing imaginable.

"You don't mind if I travel with you, do you?" she asked, and her voice was pretty too. Light, soft, with a hint of a laugh bubbling under it. A sweet voice for a sweet girl.

The walking man kept right on walking, saying nothing, his eyes fixed ahead, but it didn't discourage her. "I guess if you don't say no, it means yes," she laughed.

Still the walking man didn't look in her direction. He didn't dare, and he didn't need to. The glance he'd got as she started to run beside him had told him all he needed to know.

"My name is Kathy." she said.

But the walking man knew better. As he walked now, temptation kept pace with his every step, and his goal was in danger.

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