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Once again lyrics of love and loss merge with an eclectic selection of music, and un-tempered beats to create this ambient and beautiful album which is the third from Manchester based Lamb.

What Sound returns lamb to the more mellow sounds, which they embraced so well in their first self titled album. For the first time, the pair decided against doing everything themselves employing not only a co-producer (Guy Sigsworth), but also inviting a selection of guest vocalists and musicians, including guitarist Jimi Goodwin, Michael Franti, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Scratch Perverts and Arto Lindsay. However they've done so without losing any of the expanding, adventurous sound we've come to expect from this duo. Tracks like 'Sweet', and 'Sweetheart' dabble in electric funk, while the pure haunting 'Just Is', flows melodically like a babbling brook. The first single from the album, the breathtakingly beautiful 'Gabriel' builds from grounded fragility up into heart-pounding rushes of sensuality. The album floats weightlessly from one track to the next, until the very last note.

"With the new album, we noticed the simplicity and the less-is-more aesthetic that seemed to be coming out as we went along. It was obviously happening naturally, but we decided we wanted to make that a central thing with the new record. It was about us as individuals and egos getting out of the way, letting the music do its thing and not trying too hard. Andy and I have each moved through different spaces and so 'What Sound' is a product of where we've been over the last year and where we are now. It's about trusting everything to flow." - Louise Rhodes

If you get the chance to see Lamb live, do not give it up... sell your soul if need be. Read ascorbic's review of Lamb live at The Anson Rooms, part of the What Sound tour.

Track Listing (What Sound - 2001)


What is that sound?
Ringing in my ears
The strangest sound
I've heard for years and years
The sound of two hearts
Beating side by side
The sound of... one love
That neither one can hide

The sound that makes the world go round
The sound that makes the world go round

(lyrics largely removed by Oolong, at bexxta's request, to comply with E2 Copyright Changes.)

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