Do you live outside the law? Are you a shady underworld figure or just a deperate criminal? Planning a big hit? A Bank job perhaps? Well you're probably going to want a getaway car to extract you and your loaded down homies from the scene - but what do you look for when obtaining (via legal purchase or otherwise) a car? Read on my Gangsta friend...

The usefulness of this writeup depends on your ability to get out of your chosen target (bank, columbian dealer's residence etc) with your chosen loot (cash, drugs et al). This part of the operation is left up to you. Good luck.

The basics:

When looking for a suitable car there are a few main points you should keep in mind, namely that the vehicle should have the following characteristics, or as I call them - the three esses:

  • Speed
  • Stealth
  • Space

  • (Some of you big pimpin Gangstas might have expected a fourth S for style but c'mon, what's more important?)
Let's have a closer look at these features:

This one is obvious. When you're being hounded by the man the last thing you want is to be caught up. The car you choose should have reasonable straight line speed and also be able to handle some wild cornering. An Automatic transmission will prevent you're boyz from stalling in the heat of the moment but a profesional will do better with a manual. In some cases it might be possible to gain power in a covert manner (eg engine upgrade) but why not just go out and buy a Viper you ask? Good question, and that brings me to my next point...

Blend in. Sure that F50 is fast but the cops will be all over you like bees on a hive, and don't think they won't keep up with you - remember they've got eyes in the sky. Choose a plain color (I know you mac daddys want black, but feel free to improvise) and where possible try to find a model thats prevailent in your area. In Australia it would have to be a Holden Commodore or a Ford Falcon. Pick something late model and respectable looking, as your less likely to be pulled over for a random inspection/breath test in a classy vehicle (my opinion of course). It might also pay to get a few extra sets of interchangeable Licence plates.

This is quite an important thing to look for. For a start you'll need a decent sized boot (trunk) to lug whatever payload you need lugged (measure for two adult bodies and a RPG, approx). Cabin space is also important - remember you need room for your shotgun totin' homeboyz as well. A large glovebox will a good place to stash your piece if need be. Four doors is a must so you won't waste precious seconds sliding the seat foward for your boyz to jump in with the heat on your tail.

Other minor points.

  • Get your windows tinted. Dark but not too dark (we don't want to arouse suspicion remember?). This way the kid in the car next to you won't see you pulling the teeth out of the informant you just caught.
  • Keep the car mechanically sound - service it regularly and make repairs when needed. Nothing could be worse than breaking down after a succesful assassination.
  • Make sure your car has air con to keep things chilled on the way to the bank. Oh, and a decent stereo will help drown out the screams from the trunk.

That's it! Now u be rollin' big daddy. Go out and knock over some banks!!.

Keep it real

Roninspoon has pointed out that ex-rentals would make ideal getaway cars as they get sold off relatively cheaply and are generally bland enough to "blend in anywhere". Roninspoon's Dodge Intrepid has room for three bodies and four ganstas! I would suggest treating this noder with with extreme caution...

Another suggestion has come in from ariels, try this out: Steal an appropriate car just before the job - this way your plates will be identified as someone else's. If you choose this method I would recommend ditching the car at the first opportunity.

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