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Here are some helpful words and phrases when you realize you are having sex with a girl in the northern parts of Norway. If you are a girl, please don't use the phrase "æ har ont i kuken", since this will probably have you banned sex-wise from the entire village for months to come. Good luck.

  • Au! - Ouch!
  • Ska den lokte fesk? - That smells nice?
  • Har du gummi på dæ? - Do you have a condom?
  • æ trur det går førr mæ snart - I think I'm coming
  • Deili - Lovely
  • Sleik mæ! - Lick me!
  • Snu dæ førr fan- Please turn around
  • Fortar! - Faster!
  • Hardar! - Harder!
  • Mjukar - Softer
  • Dæven vess du stoppe no! - Please don't stop!
  • Feil håll - Wrong hole
  • Du har fine puppa - You have nice tits
  • Kor ska æ sprute? - Where do you want me to come?
  • Ka i fan. Røyke du nu? - What? Are you smoking already?
  • æ har ont i kuken - My dick hurts

That should about cover it. If I hear some new ones, I'll update this writeup.

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