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The Whopper is the flagship burger of Burger King. It is a quarter-pound (precooked) of beef, lettuce, tomato, mayo, onion, pickle, and ketchup with a sesame seed bun.

Gripes: 1) The meat is often overcooked giving it a disgusting salty taste. 2) They often use too much mayo, giving it a disgusting salty taste. 3) The lettuce is almost always old and wilted, making it just plain disgusting.

Note that the Whopper is made with Miracle Whip, not mayo. If one is attempting to achieve Whopperness at home, one must take this into consideration.

A freshly made, properly prepared Whopper is the finest burger in all of fast food. Having worked at a Burger King, I can state that a freshly made, properly prepared Whopper with cheese and lots of free bacon is indeed a culinary orgasm.

Having said that, I rarely eat a Whopper these days. I've seen what happens inside Burger King restaurants. They're understaffed with respect to McDonald's and other fast food restaurants, and that leads to a lot of autonomy on the part of the food preparer. I personally subjected unruly patrons at the late-night drivethru to injectaburgers. We often shut off the broiler hours before closing (so we could clean it early), and deep fried all of the burgers served to customers. We tasted them before trying this, and we discovered that it gave them a nice cheesesteak taste that we actually liked.

The biggest crime committed by Burger King is the introduction of the steam table. Burgers will sit in steam after broiling. This is a good method of keeping the burger relatively fresh for 10 minutes or so. Unfortunately, burgers will sit in it for hours upon hours. This gives them the taste of cardboard and the texture of a sponge. Ick.

If you're going to go to a Burger King to get a Whopper, you can maximize the chances that you get a good burger by following some simple advice. First, only go during the tail end of the dinner rush. Never go at the beginning, because the food preparation engineers are told to stock up for the rush, and if you go early, you'll get a burger that's been sitting in a steam table for an hour or so. Ick. Second, always order something special to be removed from the burger. No ketchup is always a good choice, since you can instantly tell whether they've followed your direction, you can claim an allergy to tomatoes in complaining to the incompetent food production engineers if they screw it up, and you can simply add it with packets once you get it. They never add enough ketchup anyway. Asking for something to be removed ensures that you'll get a newly prepared burger.. If you ask for something "heavy", they'll probably take a stock made burger and add more of it, or, they'll take a stock burger and add an "H" to it without adding anything else.

Whap"per (?), Whop"per, n. [See Whap.]

Something uncommonly large of the kind; something astonishing; -- applied especially to a bold lie.

[Colloq.] <-- now usu. whopper. -->


© Webster 1913.

Whop"per (?), n. [Cf. Whapper.] <-- since < 1950 the preferred term for whapper, something very large, as a big lie. -->


One who, or that which, whops.


Same as Whapper.


© Webster 1913.

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