During my high school years, I worked at a Burger King in Springfield, IL. I accumulated quite a collection of stories about people who just defy all attempts to classify them. One of the best ones was something that happened to one of my best friends minutes before I arrived for my shift one day. He had been working the 2nd drive-thru lane, which involves walking outside through a door in the side of the building with the food and drinks, taking money, and making change. Some lady ordered in the second lane, and, as most idiots will tend to do, she switched lanes and went to the window for the 1st lane. So, naturallly, when she gets up to the window, she gets the wrong food, which was actually the order for the people behind her. She pulls off, screws everything up, and everybody went back to work, scrambling to make up the time lost to this one dufus. My friend, working the 2nd lane, doesn't realize she's done all this, and is left with the lady's rightful order. Since she's gone forever, he has no choice but to throw it out.

Well, you can easily guess who showed up minutes later, demanding her money back from us idiot fast food workers who obviously couldn't get an order right to save our grandmothers. My friend quickly determined that this was our lane-changer, so he calmly explained to her what had happened and told her that he would have her order remade. She didn't really deserve this, but hey, sometimes the company has to make sacrifices to keep customers coming back, right?

Anyway, she pulled around, and before he can do anything, she's out of her car and barging into the building through the side door! She wants to see his screen to make sure he's got the order right. And not only that, but she stands over his shoulder and tries to mix and match items to see how she can get the most food possible! "Okay, okay, what if I switch out that chicken sandwich for a Whopper Jr.? How much would it be if I added a strawberry shake? Okay, what if I take off that Whopper and add a large fries?"

All this time, my friend is stammering, still trying to come to terms with the fact that some crazy lady has stormed his position and is treating him as if he can't do his job. He tries to get a word in to tell her it's an employees only area, but he can't get a word in edgewise, much less even form a sentence because he's so floored by what's going on.

Finally a manager noticed what was going on, stepped up to the woman, and told her to get out of the building or they would call the police. She was absolutely enraged about this. How dare we? She was a paying customer, after all! She stormed out of the building and sped off without her food. Again. She didn't even get her money back.

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