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Also known as a furry. There is a (quite large) community of fans and artists in this style. The average furry character is primarily humanoid (but covered in fur, feathers, or scales, as appropriate) with features of the animal thay have been anthromorphosized into, such as ears on top of the head, large fangs, tail, or greater-than-human strength. Most furs do not engage in animalistic behavior, instead behaving (in their own fictional worlds) like normal humans (mostly.) Bugs Bunny, however, is most definitely a rabbit. He acts like one, he lives in a hole, he eats carrots, and he is hunted by Elmer Fudd. However, Bugs Bunny is still, technically, an anthropomorph, as he walks upright and speaks.

Disclaimer:I do not claim to be an authority on furry fandom, although I am a furry fan myself.

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