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Astute readers of Everything2 will recall that I vanished shortly after posting mystery fish. Doubtless all feared the worst (except, of course, for iain the Dane, who proved incapable of realising the extreme personal danger in eating red snapper). After 3 days, I believe I may confidently report that I have successfully assimilated the mystery fish. Here's how I did it, and the results of this extraordinarily successful investigation into Man's willpower, and the glories of the Earth's native fauna.

I left the mystery fish on my kitchen counter, to thaw out. Luckily, I was able to return before it regained consciousness! All 3 fish (I prepared only half the packet) were already headless and cleaned, which made things simpler. I rubbed each with lemon juice, ground cumin, and chilli powder, then left them to stand while I started on the sauce. That was made by frying white onions, then adding ground tomatoes, fresh tarragon, and a bit more cumin. Back to the fish (which was still stunned by the events of its demise, freezing, thawing out, and preparation, and was thus unable to defend itself): I stuck it into the grill. Meanwhile, I added yoghurt and mint to the sauce. Finally I took out the fish, poured sauce over it, and ate it. It was very nice.

Here are the answers to my earlier questions: probably red snapper, dunno, most likely fished, probably not, the first is OK, ditto, I haven't tried them yet, no.

I hope that this extraordinary tale of courage in the face of adversity will serve as a useful life lesson to younger readers of Everything. Except, of course, iain, who replaces the demands of humanity with his extensive knowledge of zoology.

/me eyes rotbasch hungrily.

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