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Dreamworld is a theme park on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Probably the premier theme park in Australia. Not too far from Brisbane.

It is home to such rides as The Giant Drop, the Tower of Terror, the Thunderbolt roller coaster, and an assortment of lots of other smaller rides, exhibits, animals, amusements, etc in typical theme park style.

It was about $AU50 for the day, which is pretty good I suppose. Overall, I would say it's about as good as Wonderland, the other major theme park of this type in Australia.

The Tower of Terror and The Giant Drop are definately a lot better than anything else I've been on, but the rest of the park is a little weaker, it would be disappointing without these rides, whereas I found that Wonderland had more good rides overall, but certainly nothing to top off The Giant Drop and the Tower of Terror. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area and into this kind of thing.

Dreamworld is also the location of the house at which the Australian version of Big Brother is being filmed.

3rd track on the Midnight Oil album Diesel and Dust. As with most of the tracks on D & D, Dreamworld is concerned with environmentalism and aboriginal land rights. The focus of the song is on the disappearance of nature, and the consequences of that disappearance. The message, as seen in the chorus and elsewhere, is interestingly double-edged; it speaks not only of the death of the natural world of the aborigine (the end of "the Dreaming"), but also of the collapse of industrial society in the face of ecological rule- the end of a dreamworld where humanity can act without fear of consequences, knowing that the regenerative capacities of the Earth can redeem their missteps.

The song itself is one of the most fast-paced and energetic tracks on the album, easily matching and exceeding the energy of the more well-known Beds Are Burning. Like Beds Are Burning, Dreamworld was released as a single, but did not receive the same attention and radio play. A video was shot for the song, which features the members of the band on a beach in Australia. From my (admittedly many year old) recollection of the video, it may have in fact been shot at the Dreamworld amusement park in Queensland- the band is clearly in the vicinity of some sort of boardwalk or other beachfront attraction. The Breakfast Creek Hotel, which is mentioned in the song, is a popular Brisbane eatery and historical attraction, known to its patrons as the Brekkie Creek. Yet another example of Midnight Oil's commitment to local color.


the Breakfast Creek Hotel is up for sale
Last square mile of terra firma gaveled in the mail
so farewell to the Norfolk Island pines
no amount of make believe can help this heart of mine

end- your dreamworld is just about to end
fall- your dreamworld is just about to fall
your dreamworld will fall

so shut that buckle and turn that key again
take me to a place they say the dreaming never ends
open wide, drive that mystery road
walk through Eden's Garden and then wonder as you go


sign says honeymoon to rent
cloudland into dreamland turns
the sun comes up and we all learn
those wheels must turn


CST Approved

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