Astrological (natal, unprogressed) chart for Everything2.

Apparently I need to add a comment to the effect of "YMMV". Those taking it so seriously that it warrants the label of bullshit need to take a deep breath and relax.

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e2 is a Scorpio with Virgo in the midheaven.

What does that mean? Near-obsessive pursuit of the arcane, mysteries, secrets, the unknown. Passionate researcher and archivist. Excellent recall, highly organized and cross-referenced internal archive. Good at Trivial Pursuit and standardized tests. Highly critical of self and others, but doesn't personally take criticism of self well from others. Likes clothes with lots of pockets. When it is good it is very good. When it is bad it is awful.

I know this because I looked it up in my books. Not that I really needed to - I knew a lot of that by heart already. And not just because I read it many times in the past. I knew it because e2 is a Scorpio with Virgo calling the shots - just like me.

Observations on e2's natal chart:

Caveat: I am not a professional, and this is a quick surface read of e2's chart, planetary signs in their houses, no discussion of rulers or aspects, rendering this a less than fully rigorous analysis - it's more of a medieval X marks the spot than a GPS-generated map. If someone else wants to take a poke at reading all of its aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions, quincunxes, sextiles, trines, etc.) please post it here. I must give mad props to Debbi Kempton-Smith. Most of this information comes directly from her Secrets From a Stargazer's Notebook.

Virgo on the Midheaven:
The midheaven, in Latin, is represented as the medium coeli - the middle of the sky. MC, for short. And fittingly, the midheaven is the Master of Ceremonies of the chart. Virgo's attention to details, and transformative-archivist-deconstructor's heart, drives the show.

Sagittarius rising:
The rising sign is the face the world sees, in many ways. In Sagittarian terms, that translates into grandiose plans, love of travel, optimism, making dreams come true. Sagittarius rising is fundamentally cheerful. e2's rising sign may correlate to the tenor of noder meets, out in the world, away from the machines.

Planetary signs and houses.

Sun in Scorpio in the 12th:
Ironically enough, e2's sun sign (i.e., the identity sign) is in the 12th house. The 12th is analagous to a hermitage, a convent, a monastery, sometimes a hospital or institution. It's about getting away. It's about escapist tendencies, emotional service to others, psychic gifts, that which you give with no strings attached, karma and past lives, secret enemies, everyday saints. It is also, in a seemingly but not really paradoxical sense, about everything that makes you alone.

Now paint the house Scorpio: all about secrets, the senses, the superliminal.

Criminals, sages, coo-coos, philosophers, rabbis, psychiatrists, and saints. All with hearts of gold. Mao Tse-Tung, Steve McQueen, William Randolph Hearst, Mahatma Gandhi, and Henry Kissinger all had Sun in the 12th.

Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd:
The Moon is the planet that rules the emotions, here found in the give-and-take box of the second house. Moon in the 2nd people are the best listeners in the Zodiac. They like to have their things around them, and to feel secure. That's the good news. The Moon in Capricorn bit is nastier. Moon in Capricorn believes that the world is such a harsh place that the ends justify the means. Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd will listen to you and help you bury the body - but will ask for payback, eventually. At its worst, Moon in Capricorn leads to black depressions and cold paranoia - under which is a deep yearning for love. Like all bedeviled romantics, Moon in Cap has a cynical, sardonic sense of humor. Abe Lincoln was a Moon in Capricorn. Someone in a crowd once heckled him, calling him two-faced. "I leave it to you," he replied "But if I had two faces, would I be wearing this one?"

Mercury in Scorpio in the 12th:
First of all, Mercury is within a few degrees of the sun, making communication an integral part of its identity. See the discussion above of Sun in Scorpio in the 12th, and apply it to the concept of communication in particular. Additionally, consider this quote from Kempton-Smith about Mercs in Scorpio: "Your speech is nasty, sarcastic, truthful, and always fascinating. You're good at digging out secrets and have fanatical, strong opinions."

Venus in Libra in the 10th:
Venus in Libra likes to spoil their lovers, whom they find to be the most beautiful, most handsome people in the world - while they're with them. They like being touched with light, feathery strokes. They're at their best when surrounded by beauty. They have the artist's eye and the photographer's frame of reference. All of this, and in the 10th house - the public image box. All the windows are open, and Venus in the 10th has a definite flamboyant, bordering on exhibitionist, streak where sex and aesthetics are concerned. Venus in Libra in the 10th also attracts the needy like moths to a flame - all that heat, light, and the promise of succour. Beware codependency.

Mars in Capricorn in the 2nd:
Mars, planet of conflict, is also in the give-and-take house. Capricorn, ever capricious, makes Mars in this context: sensitive, stubborn, and quick to react. Watch out! See also: Klaproth.

Jupiter in Aries in the 5th:
Jupiter's position reveals how e2 has fun. Aries? Impulsive, action-oriented, fire, impetus. The fifth house is the funhouse, so finding Jupiter here means that there's a strong feedback loop in the tendency toward the pursuit of pleasure, all in high Aries style.

Saturn in Taurus in the 6th:
Saturn in Taurus makes its own values. It fears chaos, and doesn't like surprises. Reads The Economist and goes to astrologers. They must have reasons for everything, and if you don't explain yourself, they go nuts. Saturn transits and the Saturn Return are more critical than the generic here. The 6th house is the everyday work house, the duty house, indicating that it's the barriers and complexities of the nuts-and-bolts maintenance and upkeep of the site which presents the greatest challenge to its evolution as an entity.

Uranus in Aquarius in the 3rd:
Uranus is all about how someone shocks, how they snap others out of it. Uranus in the third house indicates a brilliant but unstable mind. Uranus in Aquarius dreams of improving the world in some radical way - not all of them practical. Kempton Smith: "Perhaps it is enough that they share and shock with their theories. They get everyone thinking. They are the world's best experts at being as eccentric as you like. They'll encourage their associates to blossom. They selflessly pitch in when there's work to be done."

Neptune in Aquarius in the 2nd:
Neptune is all about ecstasy. It's what makes a person high. Neptune in Aquarius is about getting high on ideas, the abstract, philosophy. And in the second, again - it's all about generosity of spirit.

Pluto in Sagittarius in the 1st:
The underbelly, the underworld, the viscera, the hellish. The god who creates, preserves, and destroys. Kempton-Smith: "When Pluto goes into Sagittarius, people will be constantly thinking about life in outer space. Why? Dave? Dave? Are you there, Dave? Think about it.

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Attributions from Debbi Kempton-Smith's Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook.

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