And here's how you make it:
  • Take a tall glass, and fill it with about one inch of whole milk (lowfat or skim simply will not do.)
  • Fill to the top with seltzer. This cannot be from a bottle, it needs to be from a soda fountain or seltzer bottle--something that will agitate the milk enough to create a head of foam at the top of the glass.
  • Use about 2 tablespoons of the Fox's U-Bet syrup, poured in to the egg creme in a stream that drops through the foam without contaminating it.
  • Stir the egg creme in such a way as to not disturb the foam up above. This is best done with a long spoon through the center that you then pivot about the center axis of the glass.
The net effect is a two-tone drink with the chocolatey, seltzery bottom, with a head of white foam on top. Serve with a straw--you have to have a straw to enjoy this correctly. Well made, it's nice and cold and goes down very quickly.

Lou Reed wrote a song about egg cremes on his album Set The Twilight Reeling that is also a useful reference work here.

Yossarian certainly has the definitive egg cream recipe--it's worth noting that mine was reverse engineered as a child living many miles from Brooklyn. I was actually quite impressed that I got it to look like the real thing at all.
One can also create a Heretical Egg Cream that, while substandard, is nonetheless moderately tasty, in the manner that follows:

  1. Put 1 inch of chocolate syrup—I've used Hershey's, it'll do—in a tall glass.
  2. Add above that about 1 inch, maybe less, of milkwhole, skim, or in between.
  3. Fill the glass with plain ol' club soda, all the while stirring maniacally.
Drink, enjoy, and try not to wish too hard that you were drinking a real Egg Cream.

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