Instructions on how to make a magnet. You will need:

1 long ferrous metal object;
1 cardboard tube that is large enough to contain the long ferrous metal object;
1 Household extension cord;
1 Wire cutter;
1 Glue stick;
1 Compass;
1 Roll of scotch tape;
1 Glass jar or pyrex;
1 Thin strip of tinfoil.

1. Using the wire cutter, cut the female end of the extension cord off, then strip off the outer layer of the extension cord. _Do not_ strip the wires inside.
2. Find the green ground wire. Cut it off.
3. Apply the glue stick to the outside of the cardboard tube, leaving approximately 1/2 inch on each end 'clean' of glue.
4. Coil the wires tightly in one direction around the cardboard tube. Start 1/2 inch from one end of the tube, and stop the same distance from the other end, so that the wires stick to the tube. Leave enough wire hanging at the end to complete the next step.
5. Take the ends of the wires and strip the ends. Hang the wires in the jar so that they are not grounded.
6. Tape the wires to the ends of the strip of foil. Make sure that the wires are in contact with the foil. Tape the insulated part of the wire to the glass container.
7. After making sure that you will not be electrocuted, plug in the male end of the extension cord. The foil fuse will burn out almost immediately.
Unplug the project from the wall, and remove the object. Place one end near the compass. If thecompass does not change, something went wrong. If the compass points its south needle at your new magnet, mark that end south, and the other north. If the compass points its north needle at your magnet, mark that end north, and the other south.

Congratulations! you now own a homemade magnet!

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