A talker is a server that speaks the telnet protocol (usually on an unprivileged port). Users log in, and then use commands like "say", "emote" and "tell" to communicate with other users. There are usually a collection of public "rooms" (similar to IRC "channels"), with residents being allocated private rooms in which to sit and be idle, or perhaps to have net.sex.

Talk"er (?), n.


One who talks; especially, one who is noted for his power of conversing readily or agreeably; a conversationist.

There probably were never four talkers more admirable in four different ways than Johnson, Burke, Beauclerk, and Garrick. Macaulay.


A loquacious person, male or female; a prattler; a babbler; also, a boaster; a braggart; -- used in contempt or reproach.

Jer. Taylor.


© Webster 1913.

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