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A necklace made of candy. Duh!

Oh, okay. It's an elastic string with little bead-shaped hard candies strung on it. The candy isn't anything to write home about--it succeeds because kids perceive it as "stealth candy" that you can eat just about anywhere (at the movies, at school, in church) because no one will ever imagine that it's not real jewelry! Kinda like those Ring Pops that look so much like real rings, right?

The truth is: it looks like candy on a string. Most people won't mess with kids with a candy necklace 'cause they're laughing behind their hands at the kids wearing the slobbery candy around their necks.

Addendum: arcanamundi sez: "I'll have you know that I like to wear candy necklaces wrapped around my left wrist, especially when my outfit is black. Harumph!" Well, okay then! Not just for eight-year-olds anymore!