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Mistakes. In IMDB parlance, a goof is an error which can be detected by viewing the offending movie or television show.

The presence of goofs in a film does little more than provide fodder for self-important continuity fascists and reinforces the notion that anyone who watches movies on a regular basis needs to get a life*.

Some of the more amusing goofs include things like mysterious costume changes mid-scene, visible boom mikes, and reflections of crew members in mirrors, glass, and water.

Clearly, the methodical hunting down of these callous transgressions against Art is a moral imperative, but try not to share your knowledge during a movie...especially those showing in a theater...where people near you might not want to notice the yellow Ked left dead-center in the samurai's feudal mansion.

* I should mention that I occasionally notice these things, and even point them out from time to time, but only when they seem pertinent. If you feel this smacks of hypocrisy, please mail $1 to me and I will consider apologizing.