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The Piper Warrior (PA-28) is a single engine, piston driven aeroplane. The Warrior is capable of carrying four people, including the pilot. In the UK the PA-28 is a popular aircraft for pilot training as its four-person capacity enables students to fly their friends to the continent for lunch.

The low wing of the PA-28 gives a stall speed of around 45kts, very useful for student pilots who struggle to land. In the stall the PA-28 is stable, unlike the lively Cessna 150 it will not spin unless a lot of aileron is applied. Recovery from the stall is also relatively easy, reducing the fear factor for the new pilot.

The fixed gear means that the PA-28 does not need a complex aircraft rating in order to fly and means one less thing for the student pilot to forget to do.

The PA-28 cruises at around 95kts, depending on wind conditions and altitude. Whilst not the best in its class, the speed allows the PA-28 to fly cross-country with relative ease, without the flight being traumatically long.

The internal fit-out of the Warrior is not extensive but in the aircraft I fly there are the standard aviation instruments along with VOR, DME and ADF navigation equipment as well as a 2 channel radio.