- Edna Krabappel

Edna Krabappel is a secondary character on The Simpsons. She teaches the fourth grade at Springfield Elementary, and is Bart's teacher. Other students in her class include Martin Prince, Sheri and Teri, Nelson Muntz, Milhouse, Lewis and Wendell.

Edna is separated from Mr. Krabappel and appears to be bitter about his past infidelity, as she brings it up reasonably often. Her outlook on love is somewhat cynical, possibly because of the bad experience. No references are made to any children, though she once admits that she is on birth control pills (and that Bart replaced them with Tic Tacs as a prank).

Several episodes center around Edna's personal life. In Bart the Lover, Bart finds her personal ad and creates a fictional persona named Woodrow who "develops" a long-distance relationship with her. Edna, perhaps desperate for a relationship, believes that Woodrow is an actual person responding to her ad and is crushed when he doesn't actually show up for a date. Touched by the fact that his teacher actually has feelings, Bart and the rest of the family write one more letter that lets Edna down easily.

Edna's love life is also the focus of Grade School Confidential, during which she and Principal Seymour Skinner become romantically involved. This turned into a scandal after several students witnessed them making out in a closet at the school. The townspeople are outraged but their names are eventually cleared. They pretended to break up but carried on their relationship. Recent episodes indicate that marriage is in their future.

Despite her cynical outlook towards life and her profession, Edna was also the driving force behind the teacher's strike in The PTA Disbands. She, along with her colleagues, insisted that the current level of funding was unacceptable and that Springfield's children deserved better. It was eventually decided that the school could fund itself by renting out its extra space to the prison, which they hoped would in turn scare some troublesome students straight.

In several scenes that speculate as to the future of the show's characters, Edna is shown as an elderly woman who is still teaching the fourth grade. To be fair, however, this may be because these speculations are the product of Bart's imagination and he seems to have a hard time believing that Edna has a life outside of her job.

Mrs. Krabappel believes that discipline is one of the most important factors in raising children, and it can make the difference between raising a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or a "sleazy male stripper". She isn't totally unfair, though, and gave Bart the extra point he needed to pass his history exam after he demonstrated obscure applied knowledge.

Overall, Edna seems to be bitter about her past experiences but her relationship with Principal Skinner appears to have softened her up just a tad. Prior to entering a relationship with Skinner, Edna tried to seduce Mr. Bergstrom, a temporary substitute teacher at Springfield Elementary. He turned her down. The children were his only love.

It's also important to note the resemblance that Krabappel bears to "crabapple". It was obviously done on purpose. novasoy has also pointed out that the teacher in some of the Little Rascals shorts was named Miss Crabtree, and that Edna's last name may also be a reference to this.

"Bart's teacher's name is Krabappel? I've been calling her Crandall! Why didn't anybody tell me? Now I look like an idiot."
- Homer Simpson

Mrs. Krabappel is voiced by Marcia Wallace. Her trademark is adding a sarcastic "Ha!" onto the ends of sentences. She is also almost always smoking (often underneath signs that clearly read "no smoking"), either by herself or with her colleagues. She is also almost always wearing the same clothes, which include a green sweater, a blue skirt and a blouse.

Wallace passed away on October 25, 2013. Simpsons producer Al Jean said that the show will retire her character.