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A lot of people hate it. You can see from some of the above daylogs, that there is no shortage of hatred, or at least distaste for St. Valentine's Day. A day that is named after a Catholic Saint, yet for which one of the better known symbols is a god from Roman mythology. My sister hates it. I have had several girlfriends throughout my life who didn't like it, and refused to take gifts on that day. (They didn't seem to mind getting flowers on February 15, though - go figure).

Okay, if you're single and lonely - particulary if you're newly single and lonely - I can see how you would be bitter on a day like this. But, I've been single on Valentine's Day before, and I never had much of a disliking for it, and I've never boycotted it. I know a bunch of people (not all single) however, who are doing just that.

Anyway, I've noticed a lack of pro-Valentine's Day daylogs, here, so I needed to put one up.

I'm not a poet, by anyone's stretch of imagination, and I often have a hard time with words. (Nothing to brag about on E2, I know) But I think something positive should be said about today.

I like it. What could be more special than having a whole day set aside, where all you do is think about the person you love. I know - I can do that on any day, but today you know that everyone else is doing it too, and somehow, ironically, that makes it even more special. Kind of like how it you buy junk for your kids 300 days of the year, but Christmas is still special.

What's really great about this day, is that this is only my second Valentine's Day that came along when I was in a committed relationship. It might be a coincidence, but it seems that before last year, I was just getting out of a relationship, or I was in a new relationship on February 14. (You know how awkward that week is, where you're asking yourself and your friends, "Is it too early for me to buy her a big present like that for Valentine's Day? Would this scare her off?"). This time, I'm not only in a long term relationship, I'm engaged to be married to a woman who makes me feel a way that I had always thought was melodramatic crap, spouted by poets to help them get laid or get paid.

Until recently I thought the concept of a soulmate was more of the same sort of crap; just stuff that people said to make their partners feel better, or cover up some sort of insecurity or to boost romance. I can't believe it took me this long to realize that it's really none of those things. It really is an undescribable - and very real - feeling I get when I look at the woman who is the mother of my children, and I know - I just know - that I'm going to be able to look at that face for the rest of my life.

I love you, babe.

More than you'll ever know.

I hope you all have a nice Valentine's Day. Whether you're with someone, or not.